Hi!  I’m Julia.

I’m a reinvention coach, a change maker, and a mom, who regularly challenges beliefs about moms, work and the future.  I’m dedicated to helping moms recover their professional identities by helping them shift the way they think about themselves, the role they play and the world they live in, so doorways to elusive dreams open.

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Am I ready to reinvent my career?

Not sure you are ready to reinvent?  It’s good to be concerned.  Reinvention means change, and lots of it!  If you aren’t ready, you won’t be successful.  We want everyone to be successful, so we created this “Are You Ready? Quiz” to help both you and REvolve YOU understand if you are ready for this life transition.   Just 10 super quick questions and we will both know if you are ready to start this journey! Don’t worry, if you aren’t ready, the Discover YOU Workshop would still be great for you.  It’s eye-opening and empowering no matter how ready you are!

     Am I ready?

If you are ready for something different, but aren’t sure what, this workshop was designed for you.  Whether you are ready to relaunch or just questioning what could be next, spending a day doing some serious self exploration, is a great first step.  Let’s face it, without your kids, you aren’t sure who you are today.  Discover YOU is the kick off workshop for the Parent REvolution Program (PREP) and can stand alone or lead to the rest of the program when you are ready.  It helps moms face some tough questions, see themselves more clearly, and prepare for change.  This workshop will help participants see their true value and shift the way they think about who they are and the options open to them.

The incredible PREP curriculum is now on-line and it forms the foundation of all our work.   Whether you are looking for weekly face to face meetings, once a month workshops or a completely virtual experience that you can do on your time and schedule, PREP Online is now available to moms all over the world!  Whether you want to complete it in 6 weeks or stretch it over a year, the choice is yours!   Through educational videos, animation, activities, worksheets, homework and managed virtual social communities, you will be able to engage with the PREP experience from anywhere at anytime.

This is the original intensive model for the Parent REvolution Program (PREP).  With an incredible 80% launch rate within six months of graduation, clients receiving raises and promotions after taking many years out of their careers, and 20% of clients getting job offers while IN the program, you know this is “no joke.”  The program offers structured guidance, inspiring experiences, and a supportive environment, through 12 weeks of in-person weekly workshops, coaching sessions and virtual training that leads to positive change in all aspects of life.  This program is well suited for those seeking to launch back into leadership roles and are serious about doing the work needed to change.  Application required.

Why REvolve YOU?

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The Parent REvolution Program (PREP)

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PREP workshops, resources and online training modules are built upon a deep understanding and empathy for the challenges, perspectives, and environments of full-time moms, in addition to theoretical and experiential research on the emotional processing that it takes to reinvent your identity and disrupt thought patterns.   PREP is an engaging and inspiring experience that will shift how you see yourself, your role and the world.     Through thought provoking dialogue, reflection and immersive experiences, you will grow as though a kid again, and open to the endless possibilities for your life.  Choose to learn on your own or as a part of a virtual or in-person cohort.  Whatever you choose, PREP is guaranteed to make you think differently and guide you to making positive change in your life.

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About Julia

I relaunched my career after spending ten years with my kids.  Although I never doubted the value I could bring to a company, it seemed the rest of the world did.  As one of only six women in a class of 93 pursuing an engineering degree in college, I was no stranger to having people doubt my abilities.  So rather than listen, I was determined to prove otherwise.  I relaunched my career and was promoted three times to reach my former leadership title in less than a year.  However, the road back was not as easy as it might sound. After many struggles, hard-earned lessons, and perspective shifts during my own relaunch, I discovered that the real challenge of returning to a career was shifting the way I thought about work, learning and engaging with others so I could be valuable to future employers.  This lesson came long after getting the job offer and had more to do with my sense of self-worth and willingness to let go of what I knew than any other single trait.  Tapping into my own experience and researching methodologies and personal experiences around reinvention resulted in the creation of a reinvention process that serves as the foundation for our work.  My intention and hope is to catapult incredible women back to senior leadership levels quickly and work to shift the world’s perspective about the value of being a parent.

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March 25th, 2018 – Seattle, WA     

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