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Founder / Mom of Three / Change Catalyst


If I had to describe what I do in as few words as possible, I would have to say:

“I wake people up.”

A natural strength of mine is seeing the potential in people and believing in them until they embrace it themselves.  I have a gift for simply explaining complicated ideas and helping people stretch their comfort zones, look at the world from a different perspective, and change their behavior as a result.

It wasn’t until I failed on a grandiose scale that I was finally able to own my gifts and understand how I could create a life that aligned with my experiences and values.  Why did I have to fail?  Because I was very stubborn and thought I had it all figured out.  Failure forced me to let go of everything, including being “right,” and start anew.   It enabled me to open to possibilities and strive to understand the world from a different perspective.

Does it mean you need to fail?

Perhaps.  But I believe with the right coaching and guidance you can avoid it.  Data from my Parent REvolution Program participants supports this belief too.  This isn’t to say that at times you won’t feel completely lost and adrift in the process of reinvention.  Everyone does.  It’s a part of the journey.

To thrive in the future, we all need to learn to let go of what we know and embrace change. In many ways, we need to learn to be like the very children we have dedicated so many years to raising: someone who looks at the world with a sense of wonder, possibility and endless opportunities to learn.

What inspired me to create REvolve YOU?

I relaunched my career after spending ten years with my kids.  Although I never doubted the value I could bring to a company, it seemed the rest of the world did.  As one of only six women in a class of 93 pursuing an engineering degree in college, I was no stranger to having people doubt my abilities.  So rather than listen, I was determined to prove otherwise.  I relaunched my career and was promoted three times to reach my former leadership title in less than a year.  However, the road back was not as easy as it might sound.

After many struggles, hard-earned lessons, and perspective shifts during my own relaunch, I discovered that the real challenge of returning to a career was changing the way I thought about work: learning and engaging with others so I could be valuable to future employers.  This lesson came long after getting the job offer and had more to do with my sense of self-worth and willingness to let go of what I knew than any other single trait.  Tapping into my own experience and researching methodologies and personal experiences around reinvention resulted in the creation of a reinvention process that serves as the foundation for our work.  My intention and hope is to catapult incredible women back to senior leadership levels quickly and work to shift the world’s perspective about the value of being a parent.

Why do I think I can help you REvolve?

I believe there are many right answers to a question, but it is the one that resonates that we will hear.  To the left is my left-brained, “enginerd” answer.  To the right is my right-brained artistic answer.  Check out the “Must Reads” on the home page which are some of the most educational and inspiring responses I could provide you.

Left Brained Answer


I am a REvolutionary.  What does that mean?  It means that I have successfully walked away from my career, embraced the role of stay at home parent for many years (10), and then successfully walked back into my career.  The biggest difference between the first time I was in the workforce and now?  Passion and purpose.  This time around, what I was doing and why I was doing it were way more important.  I wasn’t just looking for a job.  I was looking for an addition to my life that was going to bring a sense of personal fulfillment and balance.  It is a dynamic journey that energizes me daily.

When it comes to career re-invention, I’m a repeat offender many times over.  The common thread throughout all of my pursuits has been a passion for learning and teaching.  Combine this with a lifetime fascination with people and trying to understand the motivations behind behavior and you have the recipe for what seems to be my calling – helping others grow.  I have been on a constant pursuit to discover who I was meant to be.  I think I finally found her.  At least, I have found the person I’m supposed to be today.  I would love to help you do the same.  I want to enable you to become the person you were to meant to be.

Still want to know more?  I don’t want to bore you with the details, but you can find me onLinkedIn!  Don’t have an account yet?  It might be time to get one!  Not yet?  Well, my profile is public too.

Right Brained Answer


“I’m a jack of all trades, master of none.” 

Wait, that doesn’t make sense.  If you are a jack of all trades, aren’t you are a master of learning and a master of re-invention?  Yes, that fits better.  I’m also naturally drawn to teaching others and sharing what I have learned.


 “You can do anything you put your mind to.”  

My passion for re-invention is founded on this core belief.  As a result, I frequently take on projects other’s wouldn’t dream of doing and I can often be found encouraging others to try something new.  I believe in everyone’s ability to learn and love seeing the positive effects each time we accomplish something that required us to move beyond a comfort zone.


Do not ask “Can I?”   Ask  “How will I?””

When faced with the challenge of returning to work, it was never a question of “if,” it was only a question of “how”.  The same is true for you.  You will face challenges on your journey, but you will overcome them and discover a whole new you on your way.

A Manifesto – Where it all started!


On Mother’s Day of 2016, I published the Declaration of Value: The Business Value of Being a Stay at Home Parent.  The post went viral on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Obviously, the passion behind my writing this manifesto was not held only by me.

While working to relaunch my own career, I met regularly with a group of women who were all on the same path.  Every day I sat with these women, I was amazed by all of the incredible backgrounds and the impressive contributions each mom had made not only while working for past employers, but more importantly as volunteers in their children’s schools.  What I never understood, however, was why all of these moms seemed to doubt their value and failed to believe that they had done anything relevant to business in the years they had spent as a parent.   It was with this group in mind that I wrote the Declaration of Value.

I wanted to change the perception of full-time parents by exposing them to the reality of what a stay-at-home mom of today does.  More importantly, I wanted to help these moms believe in and see their value.  The time we spend as a parent has true business development value!

Melissa has taken this Declaration of Value post and turned it into an incredible Full-Time Mom Manifesto.  Perhaps you would like your own daily inspiration and reminder of your value?  Here is your opportunity!

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