Author: Julia Freeland

Three Reasons Your Time as a Parent is Valuable to an Employer

A Business Perspective on Full-Time Parents   In Spring of 2014, I was subject to an extreme hiring bias against me. What bias would a highly educated, privileged white woman be subject too?  No, this wasn’t gender bias.  I had handled plenty of that, with attitude to spare, as I learned and worked elbow-to-elbow with men in the field of engineering. This bias was much more sinister because it was universal and hidden beneath politically correct messaging.  This was a bias against me because I had chosen to take time to raise my children.   Whereas society might profess that...

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Event: The Business Value of Being a Parent

August 22, 2017 at The Riveter in Seattle Get Tickets Here! Women have made huge progress towards equal opportunity in the last 70 years.  However, when a woman chooses to step away from her career to spend time with her children, we still automatically believe they become 1950’s homemakers.  Why?  If women have been raised to think differently about their role in the world, wouldn’t the way they approach everything change?  Even the way they approach parenting? Over more than a decade of watching parents from both inside and outside my career in professional development, I interviewed hundreds of...

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This Ad Made Me Cry

How some companies are doing the right thing This morning, an ad made made me cry. During my daily ritual of perusing a few articles dumped into my inbox or social media feeds, I came across a video with Sheryl Sandberg honoring companies whose ads break from, or challenge stereotypes.   My attention was pointed to Procter and Gamble, who not only challenges stereotypes, but is also a massive cheer-leader for Moms.  Yes, it makes sense that they would support moms, as they are their target audience.  However, to challenge beliefs around the roles we play, that earned my...

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The Cost of Unconscious Bias

I am biased. I make decisions about people based on who they know, what they do, what they look like and how successful I think they are. My biases around these topics are so strong they can unconsciously overwhelm any opposing data the critical thinking portion of my brain collects. The reptilian portion of my brain triggers actions in me before I am aware of what I have done. The end result can be poor, sometimes costly, decisions. The ironic part of all of this is that, if you asked me, I would have told you I’m very self-aware....

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A Woman’s Place

My daughter came running into the kitchen holding our U.S. President Puzzle Box and exclaimed “Mom, there aren’t any women presidents! That’s wrong.” I smiled. The fact that my nine year old daughter thought that there certainly must be women presidents, gave me hope. In her mind, a woman’s place was anywhere and everywhere, including leading the country. The irony that I was standing in the kitchen, barefoot, at the time wasn’t lost on me. The one room, that the kids know they can find me in, is the kitchen. It has been deemed “Mom’s room”. I designed it....

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