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Author: Julia Freeland

When He Listened, The World Noticed

A little over a week ago, a post from a man I have never met, nor heard of, gave me hope. Jeff Martin had posted this very simple, but powerful statement on Linkedin: Despite his message being the exact words that I, and many other women, have been stating for years but receiving little traction, the response he got was awe inspiring. ***OVER 10 Million Views, 85,000 Likes and 3000 comments*** Amazing. I have been writing articles and posts along this same vein with almost the exact words for 2 years and never once have they gotten as far as...

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The Volunteer Work that Does Not Belong on the Bottom of Your Resume

Oh, it “counts” all right. “This volunteer work is now at the bottom of my resume and that is where it will stay.  It didn’t serve me well to put it under ‘Experience’ on my resume.  It caused people to think I was a liar.” My heart broke to hear this passionate leader, who had given and created so much for the sake of others, submit to the belief that the work she had done had little value because it was unpaid.  How many times had I heard my clients say the same thing?  How many times had I...

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My Day with a Shamanic Healer

Opening to the Possibilities I feel dehydrated, tired and a little otherworldly. It’s been about an hour since I finished my first “shamanic healing” experience. How I got to here is a long story, but I certainly didn’t start my day expecting to go through that experience.  But when the universe deems you ready, the world has weird ways of bringing you what you need…  Well, truth be told, jury is still out about whether or not this is what I needed.  I think it might have been though. So how did I become the beneficiary of an ancient...

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On Revolving: Igniting Creative Expression

Reflections from Relaunchers   “I’m so happy, now!” Linda exclaimed to me. I could tell.  Over the past few months, Linda had transformed. I have known Linda for 20 years.  Meeting her long before either of us had kids, she was vibrant, whip-smart, opinionated, strong, and very successful in the male-dominated world of tech finance.  To be honest, I idolized her.  Many years after we had both moved away, whenever I was in a tough situation, I would think “What would Linda say in this situation?”. She could work out a problem or straighten people out faster than anyone...

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Three Reasons Your Time as a Parent is Valuable to an Employer

A Business Perspective on Full-Time Parents   In Spring of 2014, I was subject to an extreme hiring bias against me. What bias would a highly educated, privileged white woman be subject too?  No, this wasn’t gender bias.  I had handled plenty of that, with attitude to spare, as I learned and worked elbow-to-elbow with men in the field of engineering. This bias was much more sinister because it was universal and hidden beneath politically correct messaging.  This was a bias against me because I had chosen to take time to raise my children.   Whereas society might profess that...

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