Introducing PREP FLEX!

You asked, we listened!

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NEW!  PREP FLEX Starting on September 28th, 2017!

After listening to our clients (Busy moms, just like you!), we are evolving PREP to be more flexible and affordable, while still covering the same inspiring content and cultivating the same strong connections between participants.


By capitalizing on the use of technology and a “Flip the Classroom” philosophy, we are able to offer the full

PREP experience for only $800 (this Fall 2017 ONLY) instead of $3000!  

PREP FLEX will raise to $1100 in 2018.  


What do you get with the PREP FLEX option?

  • The same incredible concepts, curriculum and growth opportunities that clients rave about in PREP Classic!
  • 12 weeks of guided growth, challenges and discovery
  • 4 – 4 hour workshops, 1 / month on Thursdays between 10 – 2, starting September 28th
  • 9 Virtual training modules to be taken on your schedule
  • Managed FB Group for Connecting
  • Fall 2017 FLEX Special Bonus – 1 Cohort Coaching session via Skype or Zoom / week (will be available for additional fee in 2018)

Workshop dates:

  • Thursday, September 28th, 2017 
  • Thursday, October 26th, 2017
  • Thursday, November 16th, 2017
  • Thursday, December 14th, 2017


  • Optional support available for Additional Fee:
    • Weekly In-person Drop-in Connect and Challenge Sessions ($30/session)
    • One on One Coaching ($150/session)



The PREP FLEX option includes the same content, but for much less money and on a much less restrictive time frame with more flexibility to select the kind of support you need.


Side by Side Comparison


Original PREP (postponed till 2018) New PREP Flex
Cost: $3000 ($1000/phase) Cost: Range – $800 – $1100
Duration: Twelve 2-hour workshops, 1/week Duration: Four 4-hour workshops, 1 / month
Location: variable in homes Location: The College Club (ON Lake Union!)
Size: 6-10 people Size: 10 – 50 people in cohorts of 6-10
Included Supplemental Support:

Café Hours – 1/week

 Included Supplemental Support:

  • FB Group with weekly challenges


Supplemental Support: (optional for fee)

  • Weekly cohort check-in calls
  • Weekly in-person drop-in group coaching


We will be kick-starting this new version of the program on Thursday, September 28th 10 am-2pm in Seattle and won’t be offering the more intensive, scheduled and expensive version again until 2018.  We are hoping that this enables more people access to this incredible experience!


Best part?  This first time around, we are offering an awesome Flex kick-off discount!


PREP FLEX Learning Components PREP FLEX Standard Cost (2018) Discounted PREP

Flex Kick-off Cost!

Workshops – 4 of them $150/ ea x 4=$600 $150/ea x 4 = $600
Virtual Learning Modules – 9 of them $200 for all $200 for all
FB Group – supportive learning community Free Free
1 hr/week cohort coaching calls – Zoom / Skype $100 / month  FREE for Fall 2017
Total PREP FLEX Cost: $1100 for full PREP $800 for full PREP



Optional Supplemental Support:

REvolve YOU Club Drop-in Sessions – 1 ½ hour sessions on Monday mornings starting on October 2nd at the College Club.    Drop in sessions will be an opportunity to share the journey with others, build connection and gain additional coaching help and insights.  There will be a variety of activities you can engage in and work together in teams to work through challenges.

Weekly Drop in Sessions:    $30/session, or membership of $100/month


One-on-one Coaching – 1 hour private coaching sessions can be scheduled as needed.   Meet with Julia for focused attention on the challenges you are facing, whether it be around narrowing down a plan of action, perfecting your resume or assistance with some self-discovery revelations.

Private Coaching Sessions:

              Non-PREP Clients – $200/session

PREP Clients – $150/session