A Manifesto – Where it all started!

While working to relaunch my own career, I met regularly with a group of women who were all on the same path.  Every day I sat with these women, I was amazed by all of the incredible backgrounds and the impressive contributions each mom had made not only while working for past employers, but more importantly as volunteers in their children’s schools.  What I never understood, however, was why all of these moms seemed to doubt their value and failed to believe that they had done anything relevant to business in the years they had spent as a parent.  

It was with this group in mind that I began to write to tell the world about the incredible contributions of moms and try to change antiquated beliefs about what a “stay at home mom” does.  I wanted to change the perception of full-time parents, and more importantly, I wanted to help all moms believe in, and see, their value.  

On Mother’s Day of 2016, I published the Declaration of Value: The Business Value of Being a Stay at Home Parent.  The post went viral on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Obviously, the passion behind my writing this manifesto was not held only by me.

My awesome creative colleague, Melissa, has taken this Declaration of Value post and turned it into an incredible Full-Time Mom Manifesto.  Perhaps you would like your own daily inspiration and reminder of your value?  Here is your opportunity!