On Revolving: Clarity and Perception

Reflections from Relaunchers

There is an infamous stagnancy that full-time parents are prone to experiencing: a universal occurrence that is perpetuated by how society and the professional world perceive full-time parents, and how full-time parents adopt that perception for themselves.

Taking time away from a career to care for children can take a significant toll on personal dreams, goals, and development. Full-time parenting is notorious for impeding on time and energy for personal growth. The concept of relaunching into a career after time out requires adopting the care and attention that was so selflessly given to kids while at home and piecing something together for the self. After years of putting personal growth to the side, however, it can be daunting to make that leap in refocusing on you.

How do you even think about getting your professional foot back in the door after pausing your own needs for so long and simultaneously bearing witness to the professional world’s often harsh messaging around its perception of full-time parents?

This work requires creating a fresh perspective: a new lens for seeing yourself and the world around you. It is an impactful opportunity to grab the reigns and be open to the possibilities of what a shift in world view could do for you. As the adage goes, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. True, lasting change only happens with intention and a willingness to do something brave and different from what you’ve been doing.

We sat down with graduates from our Parent Revolution Program (PREP) to hear their reflections on their relaunch journey.

Where were they before taking a leap to shift perception, and where are they now?

This program, like Carrie suggests, is for anyone who feels stagnant in their current state. Shifting out of daunting stagnancy requires a perception shift: a shift that should not, and does not have to, exist in a vacuum. Open yourself up to possibilities of what could be, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and find support in community.

Our next PREP program, PREP FLEX, starts September 28th, and it is stronger, more communal, and more accessible than ever. We work hard to heed our own advice in the importance of being open to possibilities and pushing growth. PREP FLEX combines in-person workshop learning, online learning, and multiple opportunities to build community with fellow relaunchers. See here for details.