Julia – Thank you for taking us through this journey and being brave to let us learn from your failures and learnings.  It’s truly REvolutionary.

They should teach this in colleges and business schools!

PREP Graduate 2017 – Yulia Espinosa, Harvard MBA

PREP - Intimate

This is the original model for the Parent REvolution Program.  With an incredible 80% launch rate six months after graduation, the 12 weeks of focused bi-weekly meetings offers structured guidance, inspiring experiences, and a supportive environment that leads to positive change in all aspects of your life.  This model is for those who know they need constant face-to-face meetings to embark on their next adventure.  Offered again in 2018.



Instead of 12 weekly workshops, participants convene in person, once per month.  We have "flipped the classroom" and integrated technology to deliver the same content over 12 weeks with maximum flexibility so you can work it around your schedule!  This model is for those who want greater flexibility, access to virtual content at all times and more focused experiential learning workshops once monthly.  Starting January 11, 2018!


PREP - Virtual

Launching January 2018!  This model is for individuals who can't make it to Seattle once a month or want a self-paced program.  We are very excited to be offering the same amazing content in a completely virtual mode.  Through educational videos, animation, activities, worksheets, homework and managed virtual social communities, you will be able to engage with the PREP experience from anywhere.  PRE-LAUNCH PRICING available through 2017.


The Parent REvolution Program (PREP)

 PREP will help you discover who you are today, explore what is next for you, and create a plan to get there. PREP is designed to meet where you are, and help you get started on your next great adventure, whatever that may be.  There is no one way to get to where you need to go and there is no prescribed set of skills you need to learn.  Only you can determine what lays before you.  PREP prepares you for the journey, equips you with the tools you will need and guides you on your way. 

PREP is a highly interactive, engaging and inspiring experience that will shift how you see yourself, your role and the world.     Through thought provoking dialogue, reflection and immersive experiences, you will grow as though a kid again, and open to the endless possibilities for your life.

PREP is unique.  There is no other program like it.

It is designed specifically for full-time moms. 

This isn’t a relaunch program. 

This is a REvolution program. 

PREP is founded on:

  • A deep understanding and empathy for the challenges, perspectives, and environments of a full-time parent.
  • Theoretical and experiential research on the emotional processing that it takes to reinvent your identity and disrupt thought patterns.
  • Extensive experience designing and facilitating impactful learning experiences for Fortune 500 executive leaders based on current philosophies and concepts from top behavioral scientists in the country.

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The Parent REvolution Program (PREP) is a series of experiential workshops and subsequent online modules focused on providing the tools and support needed to enable personal discovery and transformative development.

Guided by a REvolve YOU coach, you will connect with a group of like-minded parents as you build confidence and hone critical interpersonal skills.  You will build on your natural strengths as a parent, increase self-awareness, and expand your perspective of the world.  PREP is a catalyst for growth, exploration and taking steps towards a more purpose driven future.

To successfully relaunch a career, full-time parents need to get up to speed in three core areas:

  • Job Search Skills
  • Technical Aptitude
  • Mindset – (This requires a REvolution!)

Combining ideas and integrating lessons with real world experiences is the key to memorable and effective learning.  Consequently, lessons touching on each of these areas are layered into every workshop.

PREP will support you in creating a portfolio of job search tools and gain some experience with new technologies. These are both easily achievable.  The shift in mindset is a little harder.  It is for this reason that the focus of PREP is on shifting your mindset.  You need to REvolve the way you think about YOU.

PREP will help you shift your view of the world from limited to limitless.   Workshop learning experiences will open you up to possibilities, help you face fears, break through barriers and help you embrace learning again.  PREP will help you shift the way you engage with the world, opening your eyes to new ideas and behaviors.

PREP workshops are focused on meeting you where you are and introducing you to innovative leadership concepts, current business culture and new work philosophies that very few employees will ever be exposed to.

The intention of PREP is to teach you to capitalize on the rich experiences and skills you have developed as a parent as well as equip you with the ability to navigate complex personal and business relationships with greater empathy and insight.  The transformative experience will give you a foundation to quickly leap-frog your way back and beyond the level of responsibility you once had, or give you the ability to craft your own unique path to a life designed according to your personal values.

You will be given what you need in order to chart your path to a new future, including a team of colleagues to share the journey.  PREP can be split into four phases:

Four Phases of PREP

PREP Phase 1:  Discover Who You Are

This phase focuses on helping you discover who you are today and understanding how you can be your own worst enemy when it comes to reinventing and relaunching.  Knowing who you are is the first step to understanding and obtaining the right career in the right environment for you.

  • What is holding you back? How do you limit yourself?
  • How can you regain your confidence? What is your true value?
  • What does it really take to change?
  • Who are you? What drives you?

PREP Phase 2:  Explore Your Options

This phase dives a little deeper into understanding you.  It focuses on helping you discover what it is you really want to do going forward and helps you build a plan to get there.

  • Where are you going? What do you want to do? Why?
  • What do you need to do to succeed? How can you do it?
  • What are the biggest hurdles before you?
  • What are the skills employers look for most and how can you demonstrate them?
  • How do you engage with others?

PREP Phase 3:  Prepare to Engage

This phase focuses on the more traditional job search skills, but with a twist.  What tactics, tools and tricks can you use to help break through biases and get in front of the right people?  This is where all the hard personal discovery work you have done in prior sessions really pays off.

  • Creating a LinkedIn profile that speaks to the right people
  • Shifting your language so you will be heard
  • Cutting through the formalities to get to the real conversations
  • Exploring how to set yourself apart from the crowd
  • What are you worth?
  • How do you sell you?

PREP Phase 4:  Ignite Launch

This phase focuses on putting it all together and showing what you know. The learning does not stop at the completion of PREP. In fact, PREP is founded on equipping you with sustainable tools to support your own growth into your next role and beyond. How can you continue your practice on your own terms? How can you become your own strongest advocate and teacher? Spread your wings and fly.



We hear it often –

“I’m not sure I’m ready to reinvent.”

It’s good to be concerned.  Reinvention means change, and lots of it!  If you aren’t open to the change, and aren’t willing to put in the work that is required to get you to your next adventure in life, you won’t be successful.  We want everyone to be successful, so we created this “Are You Ready? Quiz” to help both you and REvolve YOU understand if you are ready for this life transition.   Go ahead, check it out.  Just 10 questions and we will both know if you are ready to start this journey.

What do you get from PREP?

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