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Discover Workshop – May 27th, 2018 – Seattle, WA


Discover YOU Workshop – May 27th, 2018 – Seattle, WA 

Cost: $250  (on Sale for $200 till May 15th!)

Bonus:  Register by May 5th! – Receive the Discover YOU Virtual Modules for free!  A $300 Value!  

Ready to feel inspired, powerful and hopeful?  Are you ready to open your eyes and mind and feel alive again?

Are you ready to gain a new level of understanding about your life and learn some powerful tools to help you see you, your relationships and possibilities for your future more clearly?

Whether you are ready to reinvent or if you just need to do something to start exploring what could be next for you, this workshop is a great place to start.


After many years in the role of primary care-taker, it is easy to lose sight of ourselves.  The first step to reinvention is understanding who you are today – someone who is very different than who you once were.  This workshop focuses on helping you understand your values, your motivators and the intrinsic value that you bring into any organization or situation.  It also helps you understand how you are holding yourself back, so you can clear away obstacles that are preventing you from making progress.

If you decide to continue on with the whole program, the cost of this one workshop will go towards your the cost of the PREP program!

Time: 9:00 am – 4:30pm


The College Club – 11 E. Allison St.

Street parking available

Lunch included





This workshop was specifically designed to help full time moms understand why they feel and think the way they do and identify how they can remove barriers to growth.  In this workshop, you will quickly bond with a group of women all seeking the same clarity after spending years caring for children and families.  You will run through exercises designed to help you become more aware of who you are today and equip you with the tools you need to help you get started with identifying what is next in your life.   This workshop is an emotional journey that will help you get in touch with portions of yourself that you put away long ago.

After 10 years of raising her kids and interviewing over 100 full-time parents, Julia has a deep understanding of the role and the variety of benefits and challenges moms face.  Julia capitalizes on her career in professional development and research on behavioral science, leadership development, emotional intelligence and mindfulness to create an experience that challenges you to think differently and discover parts of yourself you didn’t know about or rarely think about.

After investing so much time in helping your family develop and thrive, isn’t it time to invest in you?


This workshop gives participants a great taste of the impact the Parent REvolution Program can have on their lives.  Participants can benefit from this one workshop and reflect on the learnings, or choose to continue on with Virtual PREP and additional workshops that take you from where you are today, to who you were meant to be tomorrow.



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