Self-Directed PREP Online


All 12 Modules of PREP  – $1300.00

This all online series of workshops will guide you through your revolution journey where ever you are!  PREP Online is jam packed with soooo much content, you might want to take a whole year to digest it!  If you are driven, you can complete it in the 12 weeks or faster if you are really determined and focused.

These videos, guides and activities will take you through the four stages of the Parent REvolution Program – Discover, Explore, Prepare and Launch.

PREP Online includes: 

  • 12 virtual training modules
    • animations
    • video of Julia describing core concepts and activities
    • Engaging and challenging activities designed to get you active in your learning
    • Homework…yes, lots of it!  As Julia says “Do the Work!”
    • Resources, resources, resources
  • Facebook Group
    • Open to PREP graduates and current students with weekly posts and reflection prompts and open sharing of resources and networks
  • Weekly 1 hour coaching call
    • Open to all PREP participants as a forum to ask questions and gain insights.   (Two options for time / week – details sent in welcome email.)





“Inspiring!”    “Made me think differently!”   “Fun, and really interesting.”   “I wish I had taken this 10 years ago!”

This is what people are saying about the Online version of the Parent REvolution Program (PREP) and we couldn’t be more excited to hear it!  PREP has been proven to work!  After a year of testing the unique reinvention process in live workshops in Seattle, we have now developed an online version of this incredible program.  Feedback from our pilot of the online program was better than we could have hoped for!

If you are searching and ready to discover what is next for you in your life and take action to get there, PREP Online can help.  Choose your own pace to learn the content and run through the exercises.   Didn’t quite catch the content the first time around?  Wish you could hear it again?  Bonus!  You can!  Listen to them and then listen again next year if you want!   Given what our clients are saying, you probably will!