Self-Directed Learning

Workbooks, infographics, courses, free online resources, and inspirational ideas. Easily accessible resources designed to help moms everywhere get going on their REvolution journey.

One-on-One Coaching

Need focused help?  Looking for specific support?  Looking for someone to walk with you every step of the way?  One-on-one coaching designed to meet your situation.

Parent REvolution Program (PREP)

The complete package – starting from where you are and ending in taking action towards your next adventure. 12 weeks of structured guidance, inspiring experiences, and camaraderie inspiring change in all aspects of your life.


A Note on Starting Your REvolution Journey


REvolve YOU is focused on not just helping you relaunch your career, but helping you develop the skills and mindset that will help you succeed for the long term so that you can continue being relevant.

Whether you are exploring the idea of relaunching or fully on your way, REvolve YOU can provide you with tools and inspiration you need to get you to the next step.  This website is rich with resources designed to inspire you and guide you to open up to the possibilities of life so that you can become who you were meant to be.

Congratulations for initiating curiosity and engaging in learning about something new. The simple act of spending time on this website is a positive step towards change, regardless of if you use any of the resources or not. Initiation invites learning!

Just thinking about relaunching can be overwhelming, but don’t fret.  We are busy creating lots of resources to help you in every phase of your REvolution journey.

Many a career coach and relaunch program would tell you that the key to relaunching your career after taking time to be with kids is to brush off your job search skills and get up to speed on technology.  While necessary (so much so that we have resources here to help with these components) most hiring managers at innovative companies of the future would tell you that the way you think, approach problems, and handle ambiguity and change are far more important.

To do these well, it requires that you shift the way you think.  You need to let go of what you know and take active steps to break self-defeating habits, question your beliefs about everything, and learn to look at the world from a new perspective.

Above all else, however, you need to believe in YOU.  I realize that sometimes believing in self is harder said than done. Thankfully, each product and course we create are designed to help you do just that – help you believe in you – while inspiring and guiding you through the three stages of your REvolution Journey:

  • RE-Discover yourself – Who are YOU? 
  • RE-Invent your identity – What life aligns with your values and talents?
  • RE-Launch your career and passions – How will you achieve those dreams?

It is with an intense belief in YOU that I challenge you to explore, learn, be curious, and seek to understand. 

It is with absolute confidence in your ability to change your world for the better that I open up doors to resources that are designed to help you on your journey.

Let’s get started.