REvolutionaries Ready to Leap!


I call my clients “Heroes.”

Why? Because it takes immense bravery and courage to take that first step towards change.

Signing up for the Parent REvolution Program (PREP) feels a bit like leaping out of a plane. It’s a terrifying leap out into the unknown, leaving what feels safe behind, in hopes of an amazing experience. What is so challenging about signing up for a 12-week program that you will emerge from feeling better about yourself than you have in many (many) years?

Let me explain.

My clients are full-time parents. Many years ago, they bravely jumped into the world of parenthood.

This was the first time they leapt out of a plane.

They made a conscious choice to leave their careers so they could be with their children. Although they may have been excited about this change, they were also afraid. Yes, becoming a parent elicits this response in most anyone. Combine that with the loss of your identity, colleagues, status, daily environment, routines, regular sleep and network and then replace it with 24 / 7 exposure to one tiny being (or several) that does nothing but sleep, eat, cry and poop with no respect for your needs? Well, let’s just agree it’s a good thing that we don’t really understand what is waiting for us until it has already happened. Leap!

The impact of the choice to be a full-time parent was hidden by the blind excitement for a child and was only revealed slowly over the ensuing months and years. (One of many parallels to entrepreneurship I can tell you now…but, I digress.)  These years were riddled with a steady barrage of situations in which:

1) you never dreamed you would be in and there were no instructions to handle (Yes, poop did just drip down the leg of your infant and fall on the floor in front of the register while you were checking out at Nordstrom. Yes, that was the last diaper.) Growth Mindset / Creativity

2) you felt like nothing more than a servant (Yes, your family did just finish dinner and ask what is for dessert before you have even had your first bite.) Servant Leadership

3) you cannot explain what happened and need to adapt quickly (Yes, your child was just laughing, then saw a balloon and threw himself on the ground in a full on temper-tantrum demanding ice cream because his sock hurts. Yup, you read that right.) Emotional Intelligence / Able to Handle Ambiguity

4) you had to juggle 10 things at once and not lose anyone or anything (Yes, your kids go to three different schools, have 15 different teachers, and four extra-curricular activities each requiring different uniforms and accessories, three doctors, and one specialist each. You are also the room rep, the procurement chair for the auction and in charge of organizing the field trip to the capital building next week.)  Project Management / Communications

I could go on. The point is that life as a full time parent was a complete shift in well…everything! But, like anyone who is thrown into a new job, through pure grit and determination, they REvolved, figured it out and built incredible coping skills. (Note how these coping skills are directly relevant to business skills, bolded above.) They got used to their new role, built a new community, got used to a new environment and adjusted to a constantly changing routine based on the needs of others.

Till one day, many years later, they wondered how they had wandered so far from their former identity.

Fully integrated in the land of parenthood, they considered leaping again. Only this time, they were trying to leap from the ground into the moving plane of business. YIKES!

Often, it takes more courage to return to something than it does to leave it. 

Fear of the perceived pain of change was acute. Everything would change again. Loss of role, friends, environment, identity, routine and yes, sleep. The world told them that none of the skills they had developed while a parent were relevant, so many doubted the value they could bring.

When these full time parents leapt from the plane the first time, they were jumping to be with their kids. A perceived altruistic reason for change. Now they were considering jumping away from their kids and something about that felt so selfish.

Result? Guilt, on top of fear and doubt.

They felt like they were shirking their duties, but they also felt called to awaken talents and passions that had been tempered for years. It was time. They were excited, but they were also afraid.

This is why I call my client’s “Heroes.” Despite fear of the perceived change waiting for them, despite doubting their value and despite guilt from expectations placed upon them, they make the conscious choice to start tackling a mountain’s worth of preparation and get ready to make this second leap.

This is a process of reinvention.

If you have ever walked away from one career to start a new career, (not a job, a new career) you likely have some understanding of the difficulty of this change.

My clients take the brave step to sign up for REvolve YOU’s Parent REvolution Program (PREP). This is momentous and the beginning of a new life.

In PREP, they come to terms with who they are and what their true value is, they learn to translate the skills they have developed as parents into language the business world can understand, they learn to let go of old ways of thinking and embrace new possibilities and they learn to be more conscious of their actions and those of others.

They are driven, confident, aware, humble and have re-engaged their hunger to learn.


I have been very lucky to watch this group of incredible women transform from full-time parents into confident, eloquent job seekers. I loved every moment of watching them respond to behavior challenges, adopt conscious leadership and mindfulness practices and bravely examine personal barriers to success.

Each mom came into the program at a different stage in their job search and in their psychological readiness to relaunch. Each is leaving at a different stage. However, all of them have grown a lot learning about who they are, how they hold themselves back and how to engage others as a collaborative team member. They understand the true value they bring to any project or group of people and understand there is big difference between the mindset of a parent and the mindset of a business owner or employee.

They are brave, courageous and determined. 

They are REvolutionaries and they are ready to leap. 

Who is ready to open their plane door and let them in so they can show you what they can do?

Introducing the first Parent REvolution Program (PREP) Graduates

Congratulations to the following Heroes!!

Lisa Watkins, Sarah Bradley, Kristina Peterson, Julie Farsje, Julie Yee, Lauren McGuire, Erika Bigelow, Nancy Treder and Anne Weber.

Each of you have REvolved. You are on your way. You will all be incredible assets to your next employer! I know it!


To my PREP Heroes – my new REvolutionaries,

You know that moment in movies where, after the door shuts and the main character, seemingly on his own, does a little fist pump in excitement that something went well? Yea? Well, that was me, after every session, as I watched you all transform. Simply awesome.

Thank you for letting me walk with you on this journey. I am honored. Now, let the world see you shine!