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Each product and course is designed to inspire and guide you through the three stages of your REvolution Journey:

  • RE-Discover yourself – Who are YOU? 
  • RE-Invent your identity – What life aligns with your values and talents?
  • RE-Launch your career and passions – How will you achieve that dream?

It is our mission to empower you to reach for your dreams, learn to thrive in change, and open up to possibilities in order to create a better future.

There are inevitably gremlins (fear-based thoughts) that are shouting “No! Stop! Don’t!”.  Ask them to step aside, and consider using the following strategies, ideas, activities, workbooks, and courses to help you overcome obstacles and travel a new path forward.

You can do this. We believe in you! Do the work, follow the path, and it will happen (as it has for many before you).

What are you waiting for?

There is true business value in the time we spend as parents! This REvolve YOU Manifesto is meant as a tribute and a reminder to all that full-time parents are much more than antiquated beliefs would lead one to believe.  It’s time to re-examine our ideas about what it means to be a full-time parent.

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Our team is working hard behind the scenes to build new workbooks, exercises, and courses to help you with your REvolution journey.  

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