Hello, Superhero! (yes, YOU)

I call all my clients “superheroes”. You are all, indeed, superheroes, and I’m here to help you see it

I’m Julia, the founder of REvolve YOU, and I’m so excited that your curiosity about what is next lead you here. That beauty I’m pointing to in the photo above is Melissa, my most awesome collaborator and the reason this website is designed the way it is.

Together, we are a motivated, curious, and passionate team. We are dedicated to helping women not just relaunch their careers after taking a break, but also supporting them in learning to adapt to their ever-changing environment.  We are both devoted to helping women shift the way they think about themselves and the world around them so that they feel empowered and are prepared to thrive in tomorrow’s world of business.   We want to give women a leg up – the one they have been needing for many generations.

I partnered up with Melissa because the reviews, feedback, and success of my Parent REvolution Program were so strong, that I needed to figure out how to get these life-changing ideas out beyond the bubble that is Seattle.  When I wrote about my experiences and thoughts as a full-time parent going through a revolution, my ideas quickly spread and went viral. I knew I was on to something.

I knew that the ideas, workbooks, and courses I have developed could help a lot more women if I could get them online and create a virtual community. Melissa and I therefore cultivated this space on the internet to bring the principles of REvolve YOU to the world. 

I’m so lucky to work with a innovative Millenial. Why? Millenials think differently than we Gen-Xr’s and Traditionalists do. What does this have to do with you reinventing your career?  Everything!

But what does that mean?

It means that the introduction of technology into our world has had a greater impact on business than we are able to see at first glance. We need to look beyond the surface of our everyday reality and open to the ideas of how technology has changed the way we think about work, learning, and engaging.  To be desirable to employers today and tomorrow, it’s going to take more than getting up-to-speed on the latest technology and brushing off your job search skills.  To be valuable in the future, you need to change your mindset.

I know this sounds super scary, but don’t worry: as a full-time parent, you are ahead of the rest of your generation in a few ways.  Given what employers value in future employees, the time you spent as a full-time parent was a valuable professional development opportunity. You read that right: there was, and is, value in your time away from your career to parent. The key is thinking about and framing your experience in a different way than you currently think about it.

I know that can sound overwhelming and near-impossible, but I’m here to tell you that it is possible.  In fact, so many things are possible that you may not even realize.

That is why REvolve YOU is here.  We are committed to empowering women to reach for their dreams, learn to thrive in change, and open up to possibilities in order to create a better future.

What does it take to feel empowered?

  1. You need to believe in your own ability to reach your dreams.
  2. You need the skills, tools, and knowledge that are required for you to thrive in your environment.

So, how does REvolve YOU help with this?

Many ways!  This website is jam-packed with dynamic content and resources that are designed to help you on your REvolution journey. Whether you are rediscovering who you are, ready to reinvent, anxious to relaunch, or need help doing all three, there are many resources to help you along the way.  Continue checking in as we update content and ideas to share.


A Guide to this Website:

What level of support are you looking for?

  • Ready to do some self-directed learning?
    • Check out our growing list of Resources including mini-courses, info-graphics, and workbooks
  • Wondering how I came up with this and why I think so differently than other relaunch programs and career coaches?
    • Check out the “About” page to learn more about my journey and how I developed the philosophies and strategies needed to REvolve and be relevant to employers in the future.



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Why REvolve YOU?

What’s the point of relaunching if you are only going to get laid off or fired in the near future due to not having the mindset to adapt to our changing world? This is becoming an all-too-familiar story.  Why relaunch into a career in which you don’t feel fulfilled enough to justify being away from your kids?

There is no point.

Speaking from experience about what it takes to reinvent yourself to be relevant in the future, the only way to thrive in tomorrow’s world is to let go of what you know and embrace new ways of learning, working, and engaging with others.  This is much easier said than done, but REvolve YOU is here to help.

You have evolved many times already – child to adult, single to married, individual to parent, career woman to stay-at-home mom and possibly married to single.  Each of these changes in status required some shifts in the way you thought. Here you are again, shifting from one identity to another, needing to evolve again: to REvolve.

I know it may seem scary – the idea of completely overhauling my life by relaunching my career used to scare me too, especially in today’s world.  But after shifting the way I think, I now look at this new world of constant change as filled with endless possibilities and a lot of hope!

I have nothing but faith in your ability to make the same shift, become who you were meant to be, and create a better future!

Are you ready to get started?  I hope so!